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Super Bowl-Bound Promotion

Giants Raid San Francisco… Headed to Super Bowl XLVI #nyg — New York Post (@NewYorkPost) January 23, 2012 Congrats to NFC champs #Giants! Enter coupon code NFCCHAMPS for a 15% discount on @PortfolioArmor this week: $$ — Portfolio Armor (@PortfolioArmor) January 23, 2012


From William Gibson’s Spook Country, p. 83 of the G.P. Putnam’s Sons hardcover: “Tell me about Node, she suggested. “It doesn’t seem to be generating much in the way of industry gossip.” “No?” “No.” He lowered his finger-steeple. “Anti-buzz,” he said. “Definition by absence.” She waited to see if he’d indicate that he was joking. [...]

The Trouble with Tapjoy

The Trouble with Tapjoy Here’s the tl;dr version: if you have a paid app, and are thinking of using Tapjoy’s pay-per-install program to advertise it, don’t. You can get the same result more quickly by taking cash out of your wallet and setting it on fire. The two screen captures below offer an illustration of [...]

How to market a non-mobile app to mobile app users

With a subscription web app, when someone subscribes, you have their email address. That’s not the case with an iOS app, since they are downloading it from Apple. I have email addresses for the relative handful of Portfolio Armor iOS app users who’ve e-mailed me, but not for the rest of them. That presented something [...]

Making an iPhone App that people will buy

More functionality isn’t always better Last week, a developer/entrepreneur (and MBA, as his email signature advertised) asked me to look at his iPhone finance app. He had heard about Portfolio Armor, and mentioned that his app “covered the full spectrum of corporate finance, including options”. So I checked it out, and indeed it did include [...]

New features and things to come

The email list widget over to the right, below the fold, on this blog used to be for those who wanted to receive emails about market neutral trades. Yesterday, I sent those on the list the email below, about new update

Something of a narrative arc here

In hindsight, there’s a certain narrative arc to these three articles about hedging gold. 8/4: “Why you should consider hedging if you own gold” 8/23: “Gold Goes Parabolic, Hedging Costs Rise” 9/23: “Gold Gets Hammered“

Hedging Tool for Stocks & ETFs

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Algorithmic hedging tool for stocks and ETFs

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