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Phillipe Rancourt, in a witty allusion to the arc of a typical blog, and in response to the lack of posts here over the last ~2.5 months, asks if it’s time for me to post a picture of my cat. We’ve got two, a brother and sister. Here they are:

As for the recent posting drought here, I was pretty much out of action during the month of April, due to some health issues. But that doesn’t explain the lack of posts in March or up until now in May. Part of the reason is that when I have the urge to share a link to the something, where I might have written a blog post about it in the past, usually now I just share the link via Twitter.

I tweet all of my Seeking Alpha articles and guest blog posts on hedging via the @PortfolioArmor Twitter account. Most of those articles are geared toward those who are unfamiliar with Portfolio Armor, and might seem redundant to those who have read this blog. The ones I think might be of slightly more general interest, I retweet via my @dpinsen Twitter account. For example, I retweeted these two recently:

When I can’t get my point across about something in 140 characters, then I’ll write a blog post here (if anyone reading this has something they’d be interested in me writing about, feel free to suggest it in the comments below). If you’re interested in my thoughts in between my blog posts here, in addition to following me on Twitter, you can view my comments on other blogs via Disqus.

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