Tweets of the Week

Micro blogging is quicker than regular blogging, but tweets are also more ephemeral: it’s pretty common for someone to read a blog post you wrote a day or a week ago, but not so common for someone to read something you tweeted an hour ago. With that in mind, I’m going to start picking 10 or so tweets from the past week and highlighting them here. Some of these tweets I’m posting because they are insightful or witty in themselves, others because they include interesting links.

The plan is for this post to be the first in a weekly series. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, click on the clickable stuff in the embedded tweets below, and you’ll get the idea.

Hedging Tool for Stocks & ETFs

Available as a web app here:

Algorithmic hedging tool for stocks and ETFs

Also available as an iPhone App:

Tools & Ideas for Short Sellers

Meet Bill Singer

Eminent securities attorney, irreverent Wall Street blogger, and proprietor of
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