Spook Country

The road ahead (The GWB heading toward the mainland. Taken today).

Spook Country

I finished reading William Gibson’s Spook Country this week. Took a while to get into it, but the second half of the book had me hooked. Not a whole lot happens in Spook Country, though, as (spoiler alert) this negative commenter on the Powell’s Books site notes. Something else that commenter mentioned was that Gibson had to write the book due to some contractual obligation. Spook Country isn’t Gibson’s best work, which, in a way, makes his achievement more impressive: Gibson grinding it out is still pretty good.

Anti-Buzz again

The bit about anti-buzz in the book made me think of the press Portfolio Armor got this year (none). I corresponded with and spoke by phone with a reporter at a major business newspaper, who may write about it next year. Or not. I responded to some relevant HARO queries too. Nothing. But that’s cool. I really haven’t played the game well. And I stopped playing altogether a few months ago. I’ve been spending more time working on adding capabilities to PA than hyping it. Looking forward to unveiling some new stuff in 1st half.

Happy New Year.

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