What $41 million in venture capital won’t buy you

Revenues, apparently.  Remember Color, the mobile app that received $41 million in venture financing a few months ago?

I have AppShopper’s top-200 grossing finance app rankings bookmarked (and was pleasantly surprised to see Portfolio Armor crack into the top-5 on Thursday), but after being reminded about Color by a chapter about it (“Color and Mania in the Valley”) in Tim Knight’s new book, The Slope of Hope Bathroom Reader, I looked up Color out of curiosity.

Appshopper classifies it as a social networking app, so I looked for it on AppShopper’s top-200 grossing ranking of social networking apps (Color is a free app, but free apps still appear in the top-200 grossing rankings, if they generate enough revenue from in-app sales or other sources). It wasn’t anywhere on the list.

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